Ultra Light Gear Bundle (0.8 Module – 9:1 Reduction)


Extremely light and super strong (thanks to special heat treatment hardening) gear bundle.
Suitable for usage with Maxon motors, This bundle is designed for using high reduction ratio with the lightest option possible.

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Presicion machined 0,8 module gear set. Total reduction is 9:1.

We designed gears for extreme lightness. Total of 3 gear weight is only 41 grams! And with high rigidity it can be used for all type sumo robot projects.

Bundle includes 3 gears for 2 stage.

  • Motor Pinion – 16 Tooth
  • Concentric gear – 48/16 Tooth
  • Wheel gear – 48 tooth

And gear sizes for estimating gearbox design:

Wheel Gear: 39,6 mm Dia., 5mm Thickness.
Pinion Gear: 14,4 mm Dia., 11mm Thickness (Gear Width is 5mm)
Concentric Gear: 14,4 mm Dia., 4,2mm Thickness (Small One), 39,6mm Diameter, 5mm Thickness (Big One)

You can buy the gears in bundle at a discounted price instead of purchasing the package separately by clicking “Add to Cart” on this page.

These all bundles are shipped with 6mm center hole pinion gears. If you need smaller center diameter like 5mm, we have it too! We can ship with 5mm pinions. Please contact us for your custom gear needs.


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