Titan 4×4 Sumo Robot Kit (Mechanical Kit No Electronics)


A powerful and functional sumo robot kit for beginners to indermediate users (For non-magnetic competitions).

  • Comes with 4 powerful gear motors that you can choose for 200 Rpm, 500 Rpm or 1000 Rpm Speeds. After ordering please inform us your motor model option: You should choose like these:

    • 200 Rpm option, high pushing force
    • 500 Rpm option, balanced torque & speed.
    • 1000 Rpm Option, fast speed and agile.

    Included JS5230 silicone wheels grip surfaces extremely well. And main factor for robot competitions.

    Add your electronics and you are ready to go.

    What’s Included?

    • Aluminum 4mm Panels x 8 (Black thick paint coated)
    • Titan 12V 200, 500 or 1000 Rpm Motors x 4 (Please select from the page or send us your option from contact page)
    • JS5230 Wheels x 4
    • M3x6mm Machine Screws x 36
    • M3x12mm Machine Screws x 20
    • M3 Nut x 20
    • M3 Male Standoff x 4

    For control mainboard you can look for our design, Ā which includes all motor drivers and Arduino based controller in one board.

    If you plan to use your custom drivers minimum motor driver value should be 5 Ampere for each channel (Left, Right). We suggest 10 Ampere x 2 driver for better stability.

    Robot is suitable with all type M18 cylinder Infrared sensors, for beginner purposes we suggest MZ80 (E18 type) infrared sensors.

    Dimensions & Weight

    195mm width, 195mm length and 140 mm weight.
    Semi finished assembly weight (without electronics) is 1350 grams.

    Caution it is not full kit, suitable parts for fully assemble below:

    • MZ80 Infrared SensorsĀ x 5
    • ML1orĀ QTR1AĀ Line Sensors
    • 3S or 4S 1500 to 2500 mah LiPo Battery
    • XMotion Mega BoardĀ or Similar Controller + Motor Driver combination.
    • Razor BladeĀ orĀ Thick Sumo Blade

    It is best robot model for non-magnetic (wood dohyo) robot competitions. Suggested for new teams that want to enter competitions. Easy to assemble or disassemble if needed.


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