GZERO Sumo Robot Mechanical Kit (No Electronics)


All Japan Type Sumo Robot Hardware is in This Kit!

GZero Body kit is designed by original GZero sumo robot project. It gives extreme speed and agility. Specially designed for victory!


Please watch the bottom video about what JSumo says:

Now we can continue. At GZero Mechanical Kit every mechanical parts (Including Sumo Blade, gears..) included. Just add electronics and you have very, very strong sumo robot kit.
Sumo Robot Mechanical Kit Includes

  • Motor Panels x2
  • Side Panels x2
  • Bottom Plate x1
  • Top Plate x1
  • Front Inclined Plate x1
  • Back Cover x1 (Connected to main bottom plate with cube mounting connectors)
  • Jsumo Rubber Wheels 40x30mm x2
  • 4.30:1 0.6 Module Gear Bundle x 2
  • 6mm Axle x2
  • C Ring Washer x4 (Used for retaining axle fixed)
  • Bearing 6mm Hole 15mm Diameter x 4
  • M3 Countersunk 8mm Screws x 30
  • M3 12mm Screws x10
  • M2.5 x 10mm Screws x 12 (For attaching motor plates to Maxon RE35 Motors)
  • Square Nuts x 30
  • Jbitz 1cm3 Mounting Connectors x 2
  • Thick Sumo Blade No:1 x1
  • Thin Sumo Blade x 3
  • Blade Support x 1 (For Thin Blade)
What you will need for Killer Sumo Robot (3 Kg Japan Style)

  • Omron E3Z-D62 –  Pepperl Fuchs MLT1000 – Keyence PZ-G41 x5
  • QTR-1A Line Sensors x 4
  • 20m Dia. 5mm Thickness Disc Magnets x 10
  • 15mm Dia. 5mm Thickness Disc Magnets x3
  • 40 x 10 x 5mm Block Magnets x 6
  • 30 x 10 x 5mm Block Magnets x 2
  • Maxon RE35 or DCX 35L Motors x2
  • Ardupro, Nanoking or Propic40 Main Controller
  • High Current Motor Driver x2
  • 6S 1600 Mah LiPo Battery (We suggest 6 Cell or 8 Cell 4+4 LiPo Batteries)
  • Connector, Switches, Cables.
sumo robot assembly
* At newer body design, front cover holds blade. Front blade is supported by laser chassis plate not by triangular supports.


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