FROG Mini Sumo Robot Kit


Beginner Friendly Mini Sumo Robot Kit

It is our simple robot kit that takes no more than 1 hour to assemble. It is also an ideal option for project assignments and developing beginner level robot kits.

There are many different aspects to be considered in the construction of a mini sumo robot. If you are going to participate in the mini sumo robot competitions, you must design your robot according to the rules of the competition you will participate in. Our Frog mini sumo robot kit is rely on official rules of mini sumo robot competitions.


Mini Sumo Robot’s Size & Weight:

Sumo robots have different categories according to dimensions and weights. These categories are divided into Micro Sumo, Mini Sumo, Midi Sumo and Mega Sumo categories. For mini sumo robots that rules are under 500 grams and dimensions must be less than 10cm x 10cm width and length. Height is unlimited but usually making lower height robots are better for manuevering and stability of robots.

FROG Mini Sumo Robot Kit is a robot project where you can improve yourself and stand up to your opponents. Our FROG Mini Sumo Robot Kit, designed by our professional team, is used in mini sumo trainings in many educational institutions.

Mini Sumo Robot’s Body:

In FROG Mini Sumo Robot, laser cut body with high plexiglass strength is used as body. The body consists of 4 main parts and its assembly is simple. Weight balance has been achieved. that can be drilled for your needs too.

DC Gear Motors for Mini Sumo Robot

Another important issue is the engines that provide the thrust of your robot. It will be useful to choose the torque and revolution values ​​of the motors used, taking into account the total weight of your robot and the average weight of your opponent. In our Frog mini sumo robot, a 6V 300rpm geared micro dc motor is used. The stopping torque is 1.2kg/cm and it rotates at 300 revolutions per minute.

Robot’s Sensors

The placement angle of your sensors on the body and the response time of your sensors, which you will perceive the opponent, are one of the factors that determine the winner in mini sumo robot competitions. 3 pieces of MZ80 Infrared Object Sensors are used in our Frog mini sumo kit. Two of these sensors are located at an angle on the left and right sides of the robot, while the other sensor is placed in the front of the robot to see the opponent directly. QTR-1A Infrared Contrast Sensors are preferred to detect the white line on the outer line of the dohyo area as the floor sensor.

Mainboard of Robot

Easyboard V.1 Basic Robotic Board meets our needs for the Frog mini sumo robot with its l293d motor driver integration, terminal sensor-motor sockets and other components on it. You can find detailed information about the controller here.

Our team provides free technical support for all our robot kits.

Robot Kit Includes:

  • Easyboard V.1 Arduino Nano based Controller Board x 1
  • MZ80 Infrared Object Sensor x 3
  • Micro 12mm Dc Gearmotor 6V 300 Rpm x 2
  • SLT20 Silicone Wheel x 2
  • Plastic Motor Mounts x 2
  • Frog Mini Sumo Robot Body Set (4 Parts) x 1
  • Arduino Nano + USB Cable x 1
  • Female – Male Jumper Cable 20 cm (6 Cable) x 1
  • 9V Battery Clip x 1 (Battery not included)
  • Standoff x 5
  • M3 Screw & Nuts x 6

NOTE: The battery is not included in the package. We recommend to operate with 9V good quality Alkaline or rechargable Battery.


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