JS2114 Micro Silicone Wheel Set (21 x 14mm – Pair)


JS2114 Micro Silicone Wheel Set (21 x 14mm – Pair)

Check out our high friction silicone wheels for small and micro robots. With its 21mm diameter and 14mm width, it is specially manufactured for projects such as micro sumo robots, tabletop robots, micro maze robot projects.

These wheels are also used in our XS1 Micro sumo robot successfully.

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Model JS2114
Size 21mm diameter x 14 mm width (Silicone width 12mm)
Weight 6.2 Grams (each)
Shore A Hardness 20 Shore
Center Hole Diameter 3 mm
Setscrew for Motor Shaft Yes, M3 Tapped

What is Included?

  • Wheels x 2
  • M4 Setscrews x 2 (Attached to wheel’s side tapped hole)
  • Allen Wrench x 1

How Will You Connect Wheel to the Motor?

The following is an example for another wheel model, but the same connection method is used for all our wheels with metal rims.


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