Titan 4×4 JSumo Sumo Robot+


Affordable sumo robot kit for entry level non-magnetic sumo robot competitions.

Suited with 7 sensors (5 Opponent, 2 line sensor) and 4 powerful gearmotors. No missing part for your competitions.

Robot is completely assembled & tested before shipment. Also you can download robot’s code below.

Suitable for non-magnetic sumo robot competitions (Applies to 3kg weight, 20x20cm Length, Weight Rule).


Technical Features
  • Total Weight is 2465 grams.
  • Dimension of Robot is 200mm (width) x 195mm (length) x 132mm (height)
  • Total Speed Max 80 cm / Second (for 500 rpm option)
  • Peak pushing force up to 18 kg.
  • 5 Pieces of 80cm Range Infrared Sensors
  • 2 Line Sensor (2 Front Corner)
  • Suitable for quick disassembly if needed.

What is Included?

All parts below list is inside of fully assembled robot.
1 x XMotion Mega Mainboard (Drivers and Controller in one board)
1 x Titan Aluminum Robot Body parts (Contains 8 Body Parts)
5 x MZ80 Infrared Sensors
2 x ML1 Analog Output Line Sensors
4 x Titan 12VGear Motors
2 x JS5230 Silicone Wheel Pair
1 x 3 Cell LiPo Battery
1 x LiPo Battery Connector
1 x Sumo Robot Blade Razor Type
1 x Assembly Hardwares (Screws, Nuts)
1 x Micro USB Programming Cable

Depending on your request we can replace motors with faster 500 Rpm or 1000 Rpm alternatives.

Based on XMotion Mega Controller

Titan Sumo Robot uses powerful XMotion Mega board which includes 30 Ampere (burst, 15A continous) motor drivers, voltage regulator and Arduino Leonardo controller based MCU. You can easily program the board with built-in micro USB port.

All sensors and motors coming connected to mainboard with mini green terminals. For future developments you will have seperate 2 I/O channel extra.

Robot board is short circuit protected at motor outputs and also 5V output. Last but not least board input also reverse battery protected. Which eliminates human errors at competitions.

What you can need extra?

  • 3 Cell Lipo Battery Charger

Download the Sumo Robot Code

Before purchasing the robot, you can review our sample code. It is a code with 6 starting tactics, 5 seconds wait time. You can test the sensor inputs and outputs with the debug section. We also provide free support to our customers for code development and updating.

Titan Robot Arduino Sketch


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