M1 Mini Sumo Robot Kit (Unassembled)


Win your competition with our full metal high performance mini sumo robot kit!

Fully Functional Professional Mini Sumo Robot Kit from JSumo.
Comes as unassembled. But assembling is very easy.

Our mini sumo robot kit with metal laser cutting body and 5 sensors (3 opponent sensors, 2 line sensors) comes with an Arduino based control circuit.


What is Included at Mini Sumo Robot Kit?

  • M1 Laser Cut Stainless Steel Metal Body Parts (2 Plates)
  • Genesis Arduino Nano Mainboard
  • QTR1A Line Sensors x 2
  • MR45 Opponent Sensors x3
  • Core 6v 400 Rpm Dc Gear Motors x 2
  • 20mm Male Female Standoffs x 5
  • 8mm Male Female Standoffsx 4
  • Mini Katana Blade
  • Motor Brackets x 2
  • Mini USB  Cable
  • LiPo Battery 2S 7.4V
  • JST Battery Connector Cable
  • SLT20 Silicone Wheel Pair
  • M3 20mm Screw x 6
  • M3 8mm Screw x 10
  • M3 8mm Countersunk Screw x 4
  • M3 Nut x 10
  • M2 15mm Screw x 4
  • M2 Nut x 4
  • Crimp Pins x 9
  • Shrink Fit 3mm Diameter x 9
  • Double Sided Tape 5cm x 1
  • Plastic Tie Wrap x 2

Required Parts for Mini Sumo Robot Development:

  • Dohyo
  • Lipo Battery Charger
  • Microstart & Microstart Remote (optional)




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