Predator Mini Sumo Robot Kit (Full Kit – Not Assembled)


Best mini sumo robot kit in all world! If you want real competition choose our engineered mini sumo robot design!

Robot Kit Includes

  • Genesis V.2 All in One Mini Sumo Robot Board
  • MR45 Opponent Sensors x3
  • QTR1A Edge Sensors x2
  • Core 300 Rpm Micro Gearhead Dc Motors x 2
  • SLT20 Wheels x2
  • LiPO Battery (11,1V 3S 300Mah)
  • Rem Mini Sumo Chassis
  • Cables
  • M3x6mm Screws x4
  • M3x25mm Screws x2
  • M3x15mm Screws x6
  • M3x10mm Distance x2

Based On Premium Genesis V.2 Mainboard & Ready Made Program

We developed our controller with hard coded Arduino program. When you buy our kit, you will have special program for developing. Our program includes 6 different starting tactics, sensor test routines. Moreover with based on Arduino Nano design you can write your own programs.

Flat bottom helps easy retreating

Robot’s body is cut by monoblock aluminum. So it helps lower COG and also with flatness it makes easier to retreat back when robot senses white lines.

Motors hold in securely

Motors directly fit to C channel at chassis. And also scred from upside with one aluminum plate too.

SLT20 Wheels in Action

These soft silione wheels give very high friction when compared with traditional rubber wheels.

Sutiable for All Mini Sumo Robot Competitions

Our mini sumo robot kit is used at lots of national and international robotics competitions. Dimensions are 9.9 x 9 x 4,5cm.


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