EROBOT-01 : Line Following

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Erovoutika proudly presents EROBOT-01, a specialized robotic kit meticulously designed for Line Following Robotics Training. This versatile robot is tailored to cater to students from Grade 6 to 12, spanning Elementary, Junior/Senior High School, and College levels. Whether you’re a teen eager to explore the exciting world of robotics or an adult looking to deepen your understanding of automation, EROBOT-01 is the perfect companion for your learning journey.

1pcs Nano Board/ Uno Board
1pcs USB cable
2pcs IR 3-Channel Module
1pcs Battery Case
1pcs robot frame
1pcs Bread Board
2pcs Metal Motors
1pcs Screwdriver
1pcs Motor Driver
2pcs wheels
20 pcs Jumpers Wires
2pcs batteries


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