Omega Sumo Robot Kit Assembled


This robot also made matches with some custom updates from international teams in All Japan & International Robot Sumo 2019. You are buying complete kit suitable for competitions.

Technical Features
  • Total Weight is 2750 grams.
  • Dimension of Robot is 200mm (width) x 195mm (length) x 105mm (height)
  • Total Speed Max 140 cm / Second.
  • Peak pushing force up to 45 kg.
  • 4S (2+2 Cell) Lipo Battery
  • Magnetic Base (Total 11 Neodymium Magnets Placed to bottom same as Japan Robot Sumos)
  • 5 Pieces of Long Range Infrared Sensors
  • 3 Line Sensor (2 Front Corner & 1 Back Sensor)
  • Suitable for quick disassembly if needed.

What is Included?

 We are including full of sumo robot components!
1 x ArduPro Arduino Nano Based Main Controller Board
2 x ZeroLAG 12V-32V 40A Motor Driver Board
3 x ML1 Analog Output Line Sensors
2 x Gearbox System (Including Steel hardened Gears, Bearings, C Rings and Shafts)
2 x JS4530 45mm Dia. Rubberized Hard Wheels
2 x 12V 75 Watt DC Gear Motor
2 x 2 Cell LiPo Battery
1 x LiPo Battery Series Connector
1 x Thick Black Painted Robot Body Kit (Contains 11 Body Parts)
1 x Sony Tv Remote (Yes, no need to buy extra starter)
1 x Assembly Hardwares (Screws, Nuts)
Design of robot is fully compatible to Maxon RE35 or RE40 Motors. (Needs 6mm pinion gear extra). Which makes good alternative when compared with more pricey starts. Start from Omega and develop with motors, more magnets and special tactics that your own!

7 Tactics Included:

With ready made code we written this tactics:

  1. Left Zigzag
  2. Right Zigzag
  3. Right SemiCircle
  4. Left SemiCircle
  5. 180 degree Turn
  6. Retreat
  7. Forward Attack
Tactics are selected by ArduPro mainboard’s red DipSwitch.

Start with remote:

Omega uses official Japan Sumo Robot Tournament Microstart module. Also we are sending you remote for starting and stopping robot without touching it as original rules say.

Illuminated Modes with Rainbow Boards

Omega uses 2 Rainbow RGB Light Boards which used at startup or on when opponent seen. You can use this 2 boards for indicator features.
Based On Powerful Motor Drivers and Main Controller
At Omega, we chosen Arduino Nano controller with ArduPro Mainboard, which hels easier to attah robot sensors and distribute power to all systems easier. Also Ardupro is very useful with extra compliementary circuits like mode dipswitch and extra mosfet output (which can be used in trigger mechanisms).
Also Motor driver is used for most highest output capability, ZeroLAG. This revolutionary motor driver gives your robot no delays at motor directon changes. All movements made instantly. Reverse energy coming from motors are absorbed by ZeroLAG’s motor spark protection circuits.
What can you need extra?
  • LiPo Battery Charger
  • Strong opponent 🙂


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