STORM PID Controlled Fast Line Follower


Line follower robots are very popular in lots of countries including, Japan (Micom Race), Romania, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Phillipinnes.. With Storm we are exceeding the limits of popular line follower robot races.


Storm is latest generation of our XMotion Controller based robots. With XMotion board’s high powerful outputs (up to 6 ampere x 2) it drives fast manuevering line follower robots perfectly.
Line sensors placed very ingenious way. From center to sides first 7 sensor to each side placed horizontally aligned which helps to understand intersection lines for special line follower routes.

Also The middle 8th sensor and 16th back sensor aligned vertically which helps robot to understand it is intersected the main line with 90 degree. (When this happens you can pump extra speed). 
At line follower robots another problem is you need to make lots of trials for best route manuevering. But when battery charge starts to decrease all speed variables start to be incompatible with first values. For making voltage values constant we’ve added switching mode boost regulator to XMotion input. With that trick we are using 2 cell lighter lipo battery (total 8.4V) and increasing the voltage to 3S (12.6V) to 4S (14.8V) in steady voltage.
Each robot is sent with fully assembled and tested. Also we are sending you fully open code for development.
Technical Specs:
  • Up to 150cm/Second
  • 16 Line Sensor
  • 12V 4000 RPM Motors
  • XL6009 Boosted SMPS Regulator
  • Dimensions: 224.5 x 160 x 42mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Weight: 220 grams.
Please watch bottom videos, this is the minimum speed that we will send you the robot. You can easily increase speed with XMotion Controller’s built-in trimpot. Lastly robot can work at white surface, black line too.


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