BB1 Midi Sumo Robot Kit (15x15cm – Assembled)


midi sumo robot features


Midi Sumo Robot dimensions & Weight

  • 150mm Width x 135mm Length x 55mm height.
  • 870 grams (With 3S 1000 Mah LiPo Battery) (Suitable for 1kg sumo robot categories)

High Friction Wheels & Strong Motors

We used Electron wheels (39mm x 11mm) at this robot. They directly attached to 25mm diameter motors. Motor are rated to 12V but can be overvoltaged to 18Volts nearly! And we can ship with 250 Rpm or 500 Rpm speed options. (Please conctact us before shipment for different motor speeds, otherwise it will be shipped with 500 RPM)

sumo robot pictures

What’s Included? 

  • 1 x BB1 Chassis Kit (3 Parts)
  • 1 x XMotion Controller (Arduino Leonardo based controller with motor drivers, regulators)
  • 5 x MR45 Opponent Sensors
  • 2 x ML1 Line Sensors
  • 4 x 12v 250 Rpm, 500 RPM or 750 RPM (depending on your request) 25mm Dia. Gear Motors
  • 4 x Electron Silicone Wheels
  • 5 x Standoffs
  • 1 x Screws, Nuts
  • 1 x LiPo Battery 3S 1000 Mah
Please watch video below. At video motors are 12V 500 RPM and Battery is 3S 12.6V.

Optional Parts 

  • Lipo Battery Charger (We suggest B3 Compact Charger)
  • Microstart Start Module & Remote

How to Assemble the Sumo Robot?

Assembling BB1 Midi sumo robot is very easy. Please watch the demonstration video.

sumo robot cad 2d design



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