REM CNC Machined Premium Mini Sumo Robot Body


Specially designed & cnc machined from aluminum 6061 alloy for mini sumo robot competitions. Best design for thin projects. With 2 gear motors, maneuvering is faster and better.

Our mini sumo robot body is suitable with all robot tournaments, competitions.

All holes at chassis tapped with M3 screws.


Weight: 117 gr
Size: 100mm x 86 mm x 25mm

What is included?

  • Aluminum CNC Cut main body x 1
  • Backside motor holding plate x 1
  • Thin mini sumo robot blade x 1

Suitable for lots of Mini Sumo robot Sensors

Mr45, Pepperl fuchs or similar type rectangular sensors nicely fit.

Suitable for ALL 12mm & 16mm series DC Motors

The rectangular area on the back is machined with 12mm spacing. In this way, both 12mm and 16mm motors (16mm motors fit vertically) fit into the body. Some example models that fits:

  • All 12mm Pololu Gear Motors
  • Fingertech Spark Series Motors
  • JSumo Core Series Motors (Our models)

You can also see our suitable engine and wheel recommendations below.

Made for QTR1A & ML1 Edge Sensors

Front holes cut precisely for QTR1A or ML1 edge sensors, and it secures sensors very well.

One mini sumo robot example whosn below:

Infrared-sensor-mini-sumo-robot-assembly-example.jpg (64 KB)


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