JS2042 Silicone Wheel Set (20 x 42mm – Pair)


JS2042 Silicone Wheel Set (20 x 42mm – Pair)

Check out our high friction silicone wheels for line follower robots. With its 20mm diameter and 42mm length width, it is specially manufactured for projects such as line follower robots.

With its long width, robot can turn corners faster and lower the center of gravity of your line-following robot with small diameter. Your robot can turn corners with up to 30% difference in acceleration.

The biggest advantage of the wheel we manufacture is only 14.4 grams, almost all the aluminum inner rim is machined deeply for this purpose. To make lightest line follower wheel. The lightness significantly increases the acceleration of the gear motors & robot.

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    Wheel Specifications
    Wheel Model: JS2042
    Wheel Material: Silicone Tyre
    Aluminum Rim
    Diameter: 20mm
    Silicone Length 40mm
    Full Length: 42mm
    Center Hole Diameter 3mm
    Shore A Hardness: 15 Shore
    Weight: 14.4 grams (Each)
    Setscrew for Motor Shaft: Yes, M4 Tapped


    What is Included?

    • Wheels x 2
    • M4 Setscrews x 2 (Attached to wheel’s side tapped hole)
    • Allen Wrench x 1


    motor-models-with-wheel.jpg (59 KB)

    How Will You Connect Wheel to the Motor?

    The following is an example for another wheel model, but the same connection method is used for all our wheels with metal rims.


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