Micro Line Sensor ML1


Our latest design, micro line sensor for using at very tight areas. Can be used for micro sumo robots, mini and mega sumo robots as an edge (white line) detection. Also suitable for line follower robots.


  • Gives clean analog output at black & white surfaces from 2-3mm height from surface. (Can be used at digital inputs)
  • 8.60 x 6.00 x 3.15 mm dimensions. (The tiniest!)
  • 0.2 grams (The lightest)
  • Clean marking at both sides. Sensor board is very tiny but you can read the pin names very clearly.
When compared with Pololu brand’s QTR1A It gives you biggest benefit. Size! Please look to bottom image.
ML1 Footprint is 51,6mm^2, QTR1A footprint is 96.8mm^2 nearly half size smaller.

How will you use Micro Line Sensor?

Our Sensor (ML1) gives nearly clean data with black and white surfaces due to high contrast. With that factor, you can directly use Ml1 with any digital I/O pin at Arduino, PIC or ARM based (works at 3.3V too and 5V as usual) controller.
Digital pins have threshold voltage at 2.5 volt’s which means any higher voltage from 2.5V will be sensed by micro controller by logic 1 and less voltage then 1-1.5V is sensed as logic 0. So when ML1 when give 4.5 volts it will be understood by mcu as an logic 1.
So for Arduino just use this statement for looking sensor output, it will give you 0 or 1 according to sensor’s facing white or black surface.
int ML1 = 13; // Connected to Digital 13, any digital pinis ok.
int sensorValue = digitalRead(ML1);
Second option is using Analog inputs of controller. With analog reading we can make white, black recognition more certain. (Best suitable for sumo robots, you can program like under 1V is white surface, higher is black you can say)
So analog reading statement will be
int ML1 = A0; // Connected to Analog 0 , any analog pin is ok.

int sensorValue = analogRead(ML1);

We suggest ML1 for all robot projects which needs line sensing purposes.



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