Steel Gear Bundle (0,6 Module – 4,30:1 Reduction)


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If you are thirsty for real SPEED, that sumo robot gears are for you! Specially hardened though gears for your next project.

Specially made sumo robot gears for speed and usability.

0,6 module helps good reduction in only 1 stage while maintaining small dimensions.

Pinion gear specially made for 6mm shaft Maxon motors. Pinion gear covers the shaft completely. (Please click the section image at above product gallery)

Flame hardened after production which adds extra strength (It is very crucial for smaller modules, and we are making best cementation that we can)


Suitable for usage with Maxon motors. Precision machined 0,6 module gear set. The total reduction is 4,30:1.

Bundle includes 2 gears for 1 stage.

  • Motor Pinion – 13 Tooth
  • Wheel gear – 56 tooth

And gear sizes for estimating gearbox design:

  • Wheel Gear: 34,6  mm Diameter, 6 mm Thickness. (3 grams)
  • Pinion Gear: 8,9 mm Diameter, 16 mm Thickness (36 grams)

Wheel gear’s center hole is 6mm diameter. Motor shaft’s pinion gear center hole diameter is 6mm from one side. From Other side is 2 mm.

One good thing more! That gear set’s wheel holes are identical with our another favorite gear set (0,8 module, 6,42:1 Gear Set)

  • It is lightweight. That helps your sumo robot to more light for additional mechanisms, magnets or batteries It makes your robot faster, which helps your robot’s response faster too!
  • Perfectly sized for lower COG.
  • 40-millimeter diameter wheels are very nice fits.


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