Short Body Digital 9kg Servo DM-S0911M


This servo motor is ideal for RC, drone, robotics projects. It has a high precision titanium alloy gears made through CNC

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  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V~7.4V
  • Speed: 0.12 sec/60deg (4.8v) 0.10sec/60deg (6.0v)
  • Torque: (4.8v) (6v)
  • Size: 40.5mmX20mmX28.3mm
  • Weight: 50gram
  • Motor: 3 pole Core motor
  • Gear Train: Metal(Titanium gear)
  • Ball Bearing: 2BB
  • Dead band width: 2usc
  • Interface: (JR)
  • Wire length: 30cm
  • Type: Digital


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