Closed Loop GT2 Belt 200mm 280mm 400mm


Closed Loop GT2 Belt 200mm 280mm 400mm



Closed Loop GT2 Belt 200mm 280mm 400mm

This small drive belt is a great way to connect a motor to an output where direct drive isn’t possible. The belt measures 200mm/280mm/400mm in length and fits all standard GT2 pullies.
The GT2 system of timing belt and pullies are commonly used for 3D Printers, small CNC machines, and other motion platforms where precise movement is necessary. Normally it is sold in open lengths but it can be quite tricky to use if you want to use it as a continuous drive belt. This small continuous loop solves the problem and allows continuous rotation of the output.
Length: 200mm/280mm/400mm (Total Circumference)
Tooth height: 0.76mm
Continuous loop
Belt thickness: 1.52mm
Width: 6mm
Compatible with GT2 pullies


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