Shogun Mini Sumo Robot Kit (Full Kit – Not Assembled)


Our tactical mini sumo kit, Shogun. Premium mini sumo robot kit with expandable features & simple assembly.

Designed with best materials. Aluminum black coated main body, high performance XMotion controller and Core series motors describe good crafted mini sumo robot.


Shogun Features

  • Total 436 grams assembled under 500 Gr. for mini sumo, with extra 64 grams you can add mechanisms, extra weights or suitable enclosures.
  • 98x98mm under 10 cm width and length. Nearly 4cm low height.
  • High traction wheels with 2 gear motor fast manuevering design.
  • Steep angled wedge design for better leverage.

Robot Kit Includes

  • XMotion V.2 Controller (6 Ampere Dual Outputs, Full Protection, Arduino Based)
  • JS40F Opponent Sensors x 4 (Up to 60 cm detection distance, Easy indicator led at backside)
  • Core 6V 400 Rpm Micro Gearhead Dc Motors x 2 (Most popular and high torque mini sumo robot motor)
  • Dark SLT20 Aluminum Wheels x 2 (Best for unvisibility to opponent robot’s sensors and have high traction)
  • LiPo Battery (11.1V 3S 450Mah) (Good option for overvoltaging motors)
  • Shogun Aluminum Mini Sumo Chassis & Brass Motor Mount (CNC machined body parts)
  • M3 12mm Hex Socket Head Machine Screws x 8 (For Assembly of motor bracket)
  • M3 6mm Hex Socket Head Machine Screws x 2 (For Mounting XMotion to robot body)
  • 12mm Standoffs x 2 (Used for placing XMotion board to body)
  • Minisumo Blade (Sharpened for best leverage of opponent robot)
  • Double Sided Tape (used for extra securing of gearmotors inside motor mounts)
  • Motor Cables x 2


Finished mini sumo robot

Optional Parts 

  • Lipo Battery Charger (We recommend E3 Charger)
  • Microstart Start Module
  • Start Remote


Shogun Mini Sumo Robot Kit Parts


General Questions About Shogun Kit

In the kit no line sensor is used, is it normal?
It you have watched mini sumo robot matches at youtube lots of robots also not using line sensors. The robots approach the opponent with tactical moves. In that design also we aimed that and for this reason we didn’t add line sensor.

How can I download Code, Is it free?
Of course! We are emailing robot code but also you can download and look some robot codes from Also we always support our customers for robot codes.

How many days take shipment? And Price?
We have fast shipment options to worldwide (Like 3 days arrival). For shipment prices, please add to cart and at checkout page you can see prices for your country.


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