2-Cell 18650 Battery Holder Series-Parallel


The 2-Cell 18650 Battery Holder is designed to accommodate two 18650-type batteries, offering flexibility for series or parallel connections. The holder includes individual pins on the bottom side, each linked to a battery terminal, facilitating easy configuration.



– **Compatible Batteries:** 18650 Batteries
– **Cell Connection Configuration:** Series or Parallel
– **Dimensions:** 78 x 40.25 x 21.5mm
– **Weight:** 13.9g


**Parallel Cells Note:**
Exercise caution when connecting two cells in parallel. Ensure both cells are at the same voltage level. If one cell has a lower voltage than its companion, the higher voltage cell will discharge into the lower voltage cell to equalize. While this eventually balances out, significant voltage differences can lead to high currents, causing overheating or other issues.

**Series Cells Note:**
When connecting cells in series, it’s crucial to use a specialized battery charger and controller designed for charging and balancing series-connected cells. Ordinary chargers may not be suitable for this configuration.

These guidelines help ensure safe and optimal performance when using the 2-Cell 18650 Battery Holder in either series or parallel mode.


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