JSumo Robot Wheel 35x40mm Pair (JS3540)


High-quality sumo robot wheel for Japan style magnetic robots. Best in size & weight. Recommended! USED by lots of winners at local & national robot competitions!

Versatile wheel series for sumo robot projects.

Newly designed and manufactured, these beautifully machined aluminum hubs come with a generously strong rubber tire for maximum traction (ideal for sumo robots, like All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament 4th Place Winner Senju).

The tire is directly molded to aluminum hubs by vulcanisation for making stronger & harder. Which is a must for sumo robot projects.

It directly fits our gear bundles with 6 pieces of M3 screws. Recommended!

35mm diameter – 40 mm width (Rubber width 30mm)
65 Grams (Each)
Shore A Hardness
64 Shore
Center Hole Diameter
Gear Montage holes
M3 Tapped
Setscrew for Main Shaft
Yes, M4 Tapped

What is Included?

  • Wheels x 2
  • M4 Setscrews x 2
  • Allen Wrench

All models are perfectly balanced, you may see some unimportant outpouring trails at the joint of the aluminum hub and rubber molds. They won’t affect any balance problems.

Very similar hard rubber wheel models used at Senju Sumo Robot. Please click the link for Senju Robot’s page.



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