JS4320 Silicone Wheel Pair


Newly designed and manufactured, these beautifully machined aluminum rim wheels come with a generously strong silicone tire for maximum traction (ideal for non-magnetic sumo robots, combat robots).

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The Lightest Wheel pair for non-magnetic Sumo Robots, 1lb – 3lb Combat robots.

Model JS4320
Size 43mm diameter – 20 mm width
Weight 26 Grams (Each)
Shore A Hardness 20 Shore
Center Hole Diameter 4 mm and 6mm (2 Option)
Setscrew for Motor Shaft Yes, M4 Tapped

What is Included?

  • Wheels x 2
  • M4 Setscrews x 2
  • Allen Wrench x 1

4mm and 6mm Shaft Hole Options

You can choose the diameter model suitable for your project from above. JS4320 wheel model is produced with 4mm hole and 6mm hole.

js4320-silicone-aluminum-wheel-set-4mm-6mm-options (1).jpg (62 KB)


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