ESP32 MH-ET Module WiFi Bluetooth Internet of Things IoT Development Board


The ESP32 MH-ET MiniKit Development Board includes the ESP32 SoC, USB-to-Serial (CH340G) IC, and all the necessary passive components, comes ready for plugging into your computer’s USB port and loading up custom firmware.

Similar to other ESP32 development boards such as our DevKit, the MH-ET MiniKit  offers an inexpensive solution for making internet-connected and bluetooth-controllable devices. Moreover, its small footprint and accompanying wide range of shields make it an ideal solution for quickly prototyping IoT projects in a compact amount of space.

Even though the WeMos family of boards was originally developed for the ESP8266, the design of this MH-ET MiniKit allows for using the ESP32 with most of the original shields. This represents a great addition to an already superb ecosystem for developing internet-capable applications (Internet Of Things or IoT).


  • PCB-mounted antenna
  • Onboard Micro-USB connector (i.e., USB Micro-B)
  • SoC: ESP32 FCC certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module (ESP-WROOM-32 Module)
  • USB-to-Serial: Silicon Labs CP2102 USB to UART Bridge
  • GPIO: 3×UART, 3×SPI, 2×I2S, 18×ADC input channels, 2×DAC output channels, 2×I2C, PWM/timer input/output available on every GPIO pin, OpenOCD debug interface, SDIO master/slave (50 MHz), external SPI flash (up to 16MB), and SD-card interface support
  • Size: 39mm × 31mm
  • Voltage Reg.: RT9013 500mA LDO
  • Power Input: 3.0~5.5VDC


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