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Introducing these authentic Italian-made boards, which stand out as genuine originals when compared to the common Chinese clones. While they might come at a higher price point, their robustness and durability are unmatched.

**Arduino Uno R3 Italy Genuine**:
– Features the ATmega328 microcontroller.
– Accepts an input voltage range of 7-12V.
– Provides 14 digital I/O pins, with 6 supporting PWM functionality.
– Equipped with 6 analog inputs, 32k Flash memory, and operates at a clock speed of 16MHz.

**Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Italy Genuine**:
– Powered by the ATmega2560 microcontroller.
– Operates within an input voltage range of 7-12V.
– Offers an impressive array of 54 digital I/O pins, including 14 with PWM capabilities.
– Includes 16 analog inputs, 256k Flash memory, and operates at 16MHz.

**Arduino Nano Every with Headers**:
– The Nano Every is Arduino’s compact 5V-compatible board, measuring just 45x18mm.
– Ideal for a wide range of projects, especially those requiring a small, user-friendly microcontroller board.
– Well-suited for applications like wearables, low-cost robotics, electronic musical instruments, and as a control component for smaller sections of larger projects.
– It represents an evolution of the traditional Arduino Nano board, featuring a more powerful ATMega4809 processor.

**Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense with Headers**:
– This board is built around the nRF52480 microcontroller.
– Important to note that Arduino Nano 33 BLE operates exclusively with 3.3V I/Os and is not tolerant of 5V signals, so exercise caution when connecting external components.
– Unlike other Arduino Nano boards that support 5V operation, the 5V pin on this board is not a voltage supply but is linked through a jumper to the USB power input.
– It incorporates advanced features, including Bluetooth connectivity via the NINA B306 module, an IMU (LSM9DS1), barometric pressure and temperature sensing (LPS22HB), relative humidity sensing (HTS221), digital proximity, ambient light, RGB, and gesture sensing (ADPS-9960), a digital microphone (MP34DT05), and secure crypto key management via the ATECC608A crypto chip.
– The board boasts two 15-pin connectors on each side, providing compatibility with the original Arduino Nano’s pin layout.


Uno R3, Mega R3 2560, Nano Every


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