DC 6V Gear Motor with Encoder 300RPM


If you’re looking for a motor with massive torque but still have accurate speed control, this item is for you. This 6V DC Geared Motor has a built-in rotary encoder which aids in monitoring speed and direction alongside a motor driver.

The encoder produces two outputs: output A and output B. Furthermore, these two signals have a 90-degree phase difference. There will be 334 pulses on each of the signals for a round of the motor with the rising & falling edge. You can get 334x2x2=1336 signals for a round of the motor with an interval of 360/1336=0.2694 degrees. Most importantly, the motor’s gears are built like a tank – all metal. It’s at its peak with its high torque, low noise, and ease of use.


  • No. of charging speed: 300 RPM 0.13A
  • Max efficiency: 1.0 kg cm / 80 rpm / 1.7 W / 0.5A
  • Max: 3.0 kg cm / 55 rpm / 2.8 W / 1.0A
  • Stop torque:6.5 kg cm 3.0A
  • Reduction ratio damper: 1:75
  • Resolution room: 11 x Ratio 74.83 = 823.1PPR

Library: None


  • 1 x DC 6V Gear Motor with Encoder 100RPM
  • 1 x JST pin cable


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