ZeroLAG Motor Driver Single 12V-32V x 40A


Designed by robot makers for robot makers, ZeroLAG is a compact single motor driver for sumo robots.

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It has current compensation with MOV, TVS and RC Snubber circuit. With built-in heat sink, it can drive motors up to 40A continuous and short duration current up to 80A.

  • Operating voltage 12V-32V (3 Cell Lipo to 8 Cell Lipo)
  • Operating temp. range: -20 °C ~ + 80 °C
  • Max current 40A Continuous, 80A Burst.
  • Supports DC motors, Suitable for Maxon RE32, RE35, RE40 and DCX35L Series.
  • Supports Banebots motors up to 250 Watt.
  • 81mm Length, 46mm Width and 29mm Height.
  • Total 59 grams.


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