YIHUA 8509 Anti-Static Micro Hot Air Rework Station for Rework Small and Medium SMDs


YIHUA 8509: Precision Rework for Small to Medium SMDs – Master Every Detail with Anti-Static Micro Hot Air!

What you’re getting from using the YIHUA 8509D:
A professional-grade rework station capable of high-precision applications on small surface mount components, or micro-components. The station comes with 3 available memory channels to store your preset settings, and you can switch between channels with ease. On top of this innovation, we ensured our station’s foundation aligns with the industry’s leading standards. Our effort in electrical safety measures includes a powerful transformer, double-sided SMT circuit board, rigidly soldered components, and aviation-grade receptacle.
Temperature Range: 212~896°F
Heating Efficiency: Room Temperature to 572°F in 8 seconds (Tested at 70°F )
Airflow System: Brushless Motor (Smooth Airflow)
Airspeed: <=3.5m/s (tested with Ø2mm nozzle)
Wattage: 200W (Maximum)
Rated Power: 82W
Temperature Stability: ±3.6°F
Fan Speed Adjustment: 8 Levels
Preset Channels: 3 Channels
Display: LCD
ESD Safe Design: Yes
3 Prong Grounded Plug: Yes
Transformer: Yes
Power Switch: Yes
Package Inclusion:
1 x 959D Professional rework station
1 x Hot air pencil
1 x Professional solder work mat
1 x IC extractor
3 x Hot air pencil nozzles
2 x Pairs of ESD Safe tweezers


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