XMotion All In One Controller V3


XMotion is Arduino Compatible all in one robot controller. Which designed specially for robotics, IOT and maker projects.

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  • Small dimension.¬†It was very important factor at our design, small but at same time stabilized design. We managed to make 80 x 30 x7 mm dimension board without rectricts.
  • 6 Ampere x 2¬†Motor drive outputs.¬†¬†This outputs can supply high currents and gives juice more than enough for small robotics projects. When compared with traditional boards 6 Ampere triples, doubles the other boards. Also they are protected for short¬†circuits.
  • Voltage input protected for reverse connection.¬†At full current voltage drop at reverse connection mosfet is only 60 millivolts!
  • Built-in regulator can work up to 24V!¬†(For generic Arduino boards this voltage is 15V with lots of heat)¬†XMotion never heats.
  • At bottom you can program with micro USB. Main Mcu (ATMEGA 32U4) preloaded with Arduino Leonardo Software. Very easy to program.
  • Sturdy micro USB socket that can withstand many years without any break thanks to pinned strong design.
  • Board has analog and digital input elements like¬†trimpot, button & dipswitch. You can create trimpot based speed control, or dipswitch based robot tactics & modes.


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