Wing Robot Controller Mainboard


After the success of Genesis boards we designed with same pinout controller board for smaller design and lower price.  With Wing, you can create mini-sumo robots, line follower robots and other robot projects easily.

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Tehnical Specs

Working Voltage: Between 8V – 15V.

Output Current of Motor Drivers: Burst 3A, Continous 2 Ampere (all 12mm, 15mm, 16mm diameter motors can be driven by Wing’s motor drivers) Dimensions: 56mm x 51 mm x 18 mm (Board is very small for line follower and mini sumo robot projects. Lastly, Wing comes with Arduino Nano and USB cable.

Wing Board Features

  • 78M05 based linear regulator
  • Mosfet motor drivers 8 – 30V, 2 Ampere Output
  • User trimpots (Connected to A6 and A7)
  • Dipswtich (Connected to D5-D6-D7, 3 Position red dipswitch)
  • Mode Leds (Connected to D8 and D9)
  • Start Button & Start Pin (Connected to D10 used for minisumo or line follower robots with start modules or with sensors)
  • Arduino Nano 8+1 pin total 9 pins are free for usage, you can add sensors, interface elements…)


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