Titan Dc Gearhead Motor 12V 200 RPM (60:1)


Best Motors for non magnetic style sumo robots. If dohyo is wood, this motor is must! There is no alternative at that weight!

Our gearhead dc motor is designed especially for projects such as the powerful sumo robot projects.

  • The diameter of the motor is 37mm. Length is 75mm.
  • 6mm diameter shaft section, shaft length 17 mm.
  • 6 M3 screw holes on the front side are available.
  • No load current is 60ma, and stall current is 4.1 Ampere.
  • All Gearhead gears are metal.
  • Motor’s stall torque is 10.35 kg-cm.
  • Speed is 200 Revolution per minute.

We suggest 4 pieces of this motor for using at robots. For example robots please watch below video:

CAD Files

For Cad designs (Parasolid & Step File) Please click here.

What’s That SP, MP, HP?

SP means standart power, this motors are very efficient and their current drawing is very optimal.
You can easily overvoltage this motors to double voltage.
 means medium power, that motors give good power against to applied voltage they can be overvoltaged but usually you don’t need to.
 means high power, this motors give highest torque for their size. And also they draw highest currents.


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