RF Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Slave Module, HC-05, HC05, HC06


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The HC-05 Bluetooth module is a versatile device that functions as both a transmitter and receiver, supporting Bluetooth V2.0 protocol standards with the CSR mainstream Bluetooth chip. Operating at 3.3V, the module has default settings such as a baud rate of 9600, but users can customize these parameters. Its compact size (28mm x 15mm x 2.35mm) makes it suitable for various applications.

The module draws 30mA during matching and 8mA during communication, with no dormancy mode. It is commonly used in GPS navigation systems, water and electricity meter reading systems, and seamlessly connects to computers, Bluetooth adapters, PDAs, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The commercial series includes an LED indicator, utilizing a 150mA 3.3V regulation chip. The module has VCC, GND, TXD, and RXD pins for Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, it features a “Re-search” button (controlled by an external MCU) for module re-search. Compatible with master, slave, or master-slave configurations, it operates on an input voltage range of 3.3V to 6V, with a size of 1.55cm x 3.98cm.


It’s important to note that the input power supply should not exceed 7V, and there is no automatic power supply reversal prevention function. Proper power supply connection is crucial. Installation of a “Bluetooth master module” is recommended. The “State” output indicates LED status, pulsing when Bluetooth is unconnected and maintaining a high level when connected. If used as a standalone board without Bluetooth functionality, the module serves no purpose.


6pin, 4pin


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