Pid Based Line Follower Robot Kit (Without Battery)


Very competitive robot with good price! Suitable for all line follower robot competitions. With easy PID based Arduino code, you can develop further and add more special working blocks easily.

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  • Arduino Uno R3 (SMD Clone) x 1
  • Ardumoto Dual Motor Driver Shield x1
  • QTR8-RC Line Sensor x 1
  • 12V DC Gear Motors x2
  • High Grip Silicone SLT20 Wheels x2
  • Lexan Laser Cut Line Follower Robot Base x1
  • Plastic Motor Brackets x 2
  • Female-Male Cable x 10
  • M3 & M2 Screws & Nuts.
  • Brass Standoffs x 4
  • JST Cable for Battery Connection
  • Mini Switch x 1


  • Line Follower Path: Black surface, White Line. Generic white electrical tapes (19-20mm width) are a suitable choice for line making.
  • LiPo Battery (Air Shipments don’t allow batteries to ship, so we can’t include)


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