MQ2 MQ3 MQ4 MQ5 MQ6 MQ7 MQ8 MQ9 MQ135 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor for Smoke, Alcohol, Methane, and LPG Hydrogen


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**MQ2 Smoke Gas Sensor Module:**
The MQ2 Smoke Gas Sensor Module is a versatile gas sensor designed for detecting various gases, including LPG, butane, methane, alcohol, hydrogen, and smoke. Known for its high sensitivity and rapid response time, this module outputs a voltage ranging from 0 to 5V in proportion to the concentration of the detected gas.

**MQ3 Alcohol Gas Sensor Module:**
The MQ3 Alcohol Gas Sensor Module is specifically tailored for detecting alcohol concentration, similar to a Breathalyzer. This sensor offers high sensitivity and a fast response time, producing a voltage output between 0 to 5V relative to the alcohol concentration. Specifications include a detection range of 0.05 mg/L to 10 mg/L and an operating voltage of 5V ±0.1.

**MQ4 Methane Gas Sensor Module:**
Designed for sensing natural gas concentrations, the MQ4 Methane Gas Sensor Module is particularly effective for detecting methane (CH4), which is prevalent in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This sensor can identify natural gas concentrations in the range of 200 to 10000ppm.

**MQ6 LPG Gas Sensor Module:**
Characterized by high sensitivity and a swift response time, the MQ6 LPG Gas Sensor Module outputs a voltage from 0 to 5V based on the gas concentration it detects.

**MQ7 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor Module:**
The MQ7 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor Module is engineered to detect concentrations of Carbon Monoxide (CO) within the range of 20 to 2000ppm. This module boasts high sensitivity and a quick response time, producing a voltage output from 0 to 5V in relation to CO concentration.

**MQ8 Hydrogen Gas Sensor Module:**
Specially designed for sensing hydrogen concentrations in the air, the MQ8 Hydrogen Gas Sensor Module can detect hydrogen gas concentrations ranging from 100 to 10000ppm.

**MQ-5 Liquefied Gas Methane Gas Sensor Module:**
The MQ-5 Methane LPG Liquid Propane Gas Sensor Module is an affordable option for basic gas sensing. Utilizing a buzzer, it detects any material present in the air and outputs a signal accordingly.

**MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module:**
The MQ-9 gas sensor module is highly sensitive to Carbon Monoxide, Methane, and LPG. It employs SnO2 as its sensitive material, exhibiting lower conductivity in clean air. This sensor operates by cycling between high and low temperatures, detecting CO at low temperatures (heated by 1.5V) and other gases at higher temperatures (heated by 5.0V). Common applications include domestic gas leakage detectors, industrial gas detectors, and portable gas detectors.

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