Microstart Remote


It is designed to be used in robot competitions, especially in sumo and mini sumo robot matches. 

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Features of MicroStart Remote

  • Remote allows you to control different dohyo numbers (unlocking, starting and stopping) with the buttons on the remote.
  • In addition, remote holds data of how many matches held on the statistics page.Referees can easily see and ctiricize datas.
  • The battery voltage is live on the OLED display. You can check such battery charge. The Microstart remote will alert you when the batteries are empty or if they fall below the critical voltage.
  • There are 3 powerful wide angle infrared leds on the remote, in addition, there are extra led outputs on the left and right side of the card. These outputs can be connected directly to infrared extra leds (Resistors are added on the circuit, you need to only attach extra LEDs or Led Guns if needed).


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