Grove Ultrasonic Ranger Distance Sensor V2.0


The Grove – Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is a transducer that utilizes ultrasonic waves for distance measurement, covering a range from 3cm to 350cm with an accuracy of up to 2mm. It serves as an excellent module for applications such as distance measurement, proximity sensing, and ultrasonic detection.


This module incorporates both an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver, functioning essentially as an ultrasonic transceiver. Operating on a principle similar to sonar, it emits a 40KHz ultrasonic wave from the transmitter. Upon encountering an object, the sound wave is reflected back, and the receiver captures the reflected ultrasonic wave. By calculating the time between transmission and reception and multiplying it by the speed of sound in the air (340 m/s), the distance from the sensor to the object can be accurately determined.

In comparison to conventional ultrasonic modules like the HC-SR04, the Grove – Ultrasonic Distance Sensor integrates a single-chip microcomputer. Through time division multiplexing, the transmitting and receiving signals share a single pin, requiring only one I/O pin. Additionally, it supports both 5V and 3.3V, making it directly compatible with the 3.3V I/O of the Raspberry Pi. This is in contrast to the HC-SR04, which exclusively supports 5V and necessitates the use of a voltage conversion circuit when connected to the Raspberry Pi.


Grove - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor pinout vs HC-SR04

Moreover, we offer comprehensive documentation and libraries tailored for Arduino, Python, and Codecraft, facilitating the effortless integration of the Grove – Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi. With its wide voltage range compatibility of 3.3v to 5v, a single I/O pin requirement, and the convenience of the plug-and-play Grove connector, we strive to simplify the usage of this module, minimizing the effort required on your part. This aligns with the Grove philosophy that emphasizes simplicity as the optimal approach. We trust that you will find these features advantageous.

Key Features:

– Compatible with 3.3v and 5v, supporting a wide voltage range of 3.2v to 5.2v
– Requires only 3 pins, conserving I/O resources
– Broad measurement range: 3cm to 350cm
– User-friendly with the Grove connector, enabling plug-and-play functionality


– Distance measurement
– Ultrasonic detection
– Proximity alarm
– Smart car

Grove - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor pinout
hardware overview

Technical Details:

Dimensions 50mm x25mm x16mm
Weight G.W 17g
Battery Exclude
Measuring range 3cm – 350cm
Operating voltage DC 3.2~5.2V
Operating current 8mA
Ultrasonic frequency 40kHz
Connector Grove x1
Output PWM


These are the types of Grove Cables for other applications.

More information about how to choose a cable, please refer to this manual.


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