Genesis Arduino Robot Controller


Genesis is the most powerful all in one board we’ve ever built for all types of robots. Just check out the features and you will find us right.

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Technical Specs:

    • Vin: 8V – 24V (Max 28V)
    • Current at Idle: 5ma (All Board)
    • Motor Currents: Continous 3 Ampere x 2, Burst 4 Ampere x 2.
    • 5V Regulator Output Current: Maximum 1 Ampere
    • Built-in temperature, current and overvoltage shutdown circuits at motor controller ICs.
    • Built-in short circuit protection at power lines.
    • Just 98mm x 38mm x 18mm sized.
    • 4 Mount holes have 3,2 mm diameter, suitable for M3 sized screws.
    • Board weight is 33 grams.


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