DC Gear Motor 12V 282RPM – SGM37-550


DC Gear Motor 12V 282RPM – SGM37-550



DC Gear Motor 12V 282RPM – SGM37-550

This High Power DC Gear Motor 12V 282RPM – SGM37-550 is intended to run at 12V but can be driven with lower voltage up to 6V at the expense of power. To control the speed and direction of the motor you will need a motor driver, this particular model SGM37-550 will require a lot of current to operate, we recommend a high power motor driver such as VNH2SP30.

Check out our DC motor bracket, you might need it.

Note: Popular Motor driver such as L298, and TB6612FNG are not sufficient for this motor.

Warning: Stalling or overloading gear motors can greatly decrease their lifetimes and even result in immediate damage.

Spur Gear vs. Planetary Gear

The two most common setup of DC motor gearbox are spur and planetary. Spur type gearbox are simpler, less expensive, and work best for low torque applications. Torque capacity of spur type gearbox is limited because each gear in the train bears different load. Planetary gearboxes, in contrast, share equal load over multiple gears, making them more durable for high torque application.


  • Gearbox: Spur Gear
  • Rated Voltage: 12V (6 to 12V Range)
  • No-Load Current: 0.8A
  • Rated Current: 3A
  • No-load Speed: 282 RPM
  • Rated Speed: 248 RPM
  • Rated Torque: 18 Kg-cm
  • Stall Torque: 60 Kg-cm
  • Max Power: 50W
  • Weight: 350g


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