ArduPRO Robot Controller


Ultimate controller for Arduino based robot projects. High efficiency, easy to use mainboard for your projects.

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  • 2 x Trimpot: Connected to A6-A7 Pins.
  • 1 x Start Button, Start Input (For Start Modules) connected to D4 Pin.
  • 1 x User Led: Connected to D13 Pin.
  • 1 x Switch Mosfet: N-Channel Logic Level Mosfet connected to A4 Pin. Can be used for switching Mechanisms, Flags Etc.
  • 3 x Dipswitch: Connected to D0-D1-D2 Pins (Can be used for sumo robot startting mode & tactical selection)
  • 2 x Vin-5V Selection Jumpers: Used for terminal voltage selection Input voltage or regulated 5V.


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