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40 Pin Break Away Male Header Long Straight


40 Pin Break Away Male Header Long Straight

40 Pin Break Away Male Header Long Straight

These are electrical connectors formed from a row of 40 male pins – or contacts – each spaced 2.54 mm apart. They’re unshrouded, meaning they don’t have a plastic guide box around them.
The headers are made from glass-reinforced PBT, a durable and heat-resistant thermoplastic that operates at up to 200°C. In addition, the contacts are tin-plated. This means they have high electrical conductivity and are protected against oxidation for improved performance and durability. Individual headers can be simply snapped to achieve your desired length. These pin headers are through-hole mounted so leads run through the circuit board, allowing components to withstand more stress. Solder termination provides a secure and permanent connection.
Unshrouded pin headers
2.54 mm spacing between contacts
1 row of 36 contacts
Straight body orientation
Through-hole mounting
Solder to terminate
Brass contact material
Tin contact plating
Current rating of 4.0 A


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